Ignorance of the simple safety rules has resulted to the loss of property, injuries and in extreme cases the loss of lives. It is important for us to take charge of our personal safety and that of our loved ones while at home, at work, on the streets or at school. Here are the general precautions that you can take for your personal safety.

Home safety

  • Install a monitored home security system

You should install a recommended home security alarm and use it. Studies have shown that a home alarm will deter thieves. There are plenty of websites that review the different type of home alarms and the companies that monitor like this one. Make sure you are reading actual reviews from customers to ensure that you pick the right alarm system. Some home security systems are scams.

  • Have emergency telephone numbers

You should have a list up to date emergency telephone numbers that you can easily contact during an emergency. Have your hometown security, medical, fire response and first aid telephone numbers in places that anyone can access easily while in the house. Remember to note the numbers in your diary and let your family members be aware of their importance.

  • Install CCTV cameras in your house

You need to monitor the activities that happen in your compound, and that is why it is necessary for you to fit CCTV cameras in your gate, at the front side of your house and every corner of the house.

  • Label your home products and medications

Medical reports indicate that many cases of home poisoning are as a result of confusing food products or medications with other products that are not meant for consumption. Make sure medication are kept on their shelves and they are properly labeled. The same should happen to other products in your home.

Street safety • Use well-lighted streets Avoid walking on secluded streets that do not have street lights because you will be susceptible to attacks from street thieves. Also, try to walk as a group and stick to the streets that are under police patrol.

  • Be aware of your surrounding

Make sure you know what is happening around you as you walk especially in crowded places. Try as much as much as you can to avoid using streets that you do not know.

  • Trust your instincts

Your body is most likely to sense danger, and it will be safe for you to trust what you feel. Once you feel something bad is going to happen or something bad will happen when you take a certain direction try to obey your feeling and do what is necessary to avoid tragedy.

  • Avoid parking in isolated areas

A lot of people lose their cars and other properties because of parking in areas that are secluded since no one can come to their rescue once they are attacked. Try to park in clear parking lots and places that you can see your vehicle while in your office or a shopping mall.